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How to prepare yourself for exams. Tip 1 : Review the program

The approach to exams is always a source of stress for learners. However, it is possible to reduce stress levels by organizing yourself properly. We offer some tips to make it easier for your children to learn, and to improve their relationship with school, on a regular basis. ________________________________________

Tip 1. Review the program

Prepare yourself according to the sequence periods.

Determine the probable days of the sequences/controls, keeping in mind the coefficient that each material represents. Take a calendar, and mark these dates, in a very visible way.

You can use the school year calendar as a guide to identify them. Then stick the calendar against the wall at the foot of your bed, on the ceiling above your head. The most important thing is that you can have it within sight when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed in the evening. The objective is that you will not be surprised.

After marking the dates, organize yourself to review at least one week before each sequence. But even so, it will be more interesting to have small review sessions instead of a single large session during which you will go through all the subjects.?

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