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How to prepare yourself for exams. Tip 2 : Pay attention in class

"Quiet! Quiet! "Sometimes we have the impression that teachers want to "break our ears" by reminding us all the time to be silent. Maybe we're actually "bothering them"? But no, no, no. Paying attention is much more beneficial to the learner than to the teacher.

With sufficient attention in class, the review time will be shortened later. In fact, you will have much less to review after the lessons.

As boring as it may sound, it's well worth it. The reality is that you will not simply absorb knowledge passively. To succeed, you will have to be an active student.

Listen very carefully. Teachers often give clues during their lessons. Pay attention to sentences such as: "What you need to remember here is...", "The most important elements on this subject are...". They also sometimes emphasize certain subjects or even certain words. Be on the lookout!

This is one of the keys to successful controls. Absorb information in advance. The more you do, the less you will have to review.

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