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PASCO tip n°6 : study in a clean, tidy and well lightened room

Do you remember the feeling you had that time you entered a clean, neat, airy and bright room? It gives a feeling of deep wellness that makes you want to stay there.

Clean up !

Create a similar atmosphere in the room where you usually study. Keep yourself away from anything that could be a source of distraction for you. Keep them out of reach and out of sight! You can enven hide them, including phones! You may be tempted to "jump" on your phone at the slightest notification and text message. To avoid a snowball effect, keep your phone away.

Light up and air it out!

Study in an enlightened room. During the day, open the curtains and shutters, and in the evening, turn the lights on. A sufficiently clear (and quiet) room will make your work easier.

Are you used to studying by keeping your phone close to you? Tell us, in comments, if you are sometimes very distracted because of it, or not. We wish you all the good for your exams !

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